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Each foot has 26 bones. The ankle bone (talus) and the ends of the two lower leg bones (tibia and fibula) form the ankle joint, which is stabilised and supported by ligaments.


On the outside of the ankle is a complex of three ligaments. One of these, the anterior talo-fibular ligament goes from the talus to the fibula and this is the ligament most likely to be damaged in a sports injury. Because the inner ankle is more stable than the outer ankle, the foot is likely to turn inward from a fall, tackle or jump. This stretches or tears ligaments and the result is ankle sprain. The term ‘sprain’ refers to the stretching and tearing of ligaments.


The risk factors for spraining an ankle are many and varied. They include running on uneven ground, having had previous ankle injuries in the past, being overweight, failing to warm up sufficiently or even using shoes that do not fit properly.


Sprained ankles are classified according to level of severity. Grade 1 refers to a stretch or minor tear of the ligament (usually but not always the anterior talo-fibular ligament) with loosening. This is the most common ankle sports injury. Grade 2 refers to a ligament tear accompanied by some degree of loosening. Grade 3 refers to a complete ligament tear resulting in a very loose joint.


Short term treatment of an ankle sprain should follow the R.I.C.E regimen – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Depending on how severe the sports injury is, treatment ranges from wearing a supportive ankle brace to using a walking cast or even surgery.


There are a wide range of ankle supports and ankles braces available that can help provide compression and support the anterior talo-fibular ligament (ATF).


As someone who has experienced a previous ankle injury will be more susceptible in future, injury prevention is very important. An ankle brace can help prevent ankle rollover and further damage.


By increasing knowledge of sporting injuries and developing skills in sports first aid and injury prevention, sport can become a safer activity for all, truly helping to fulfil its potential as a major contributor to the heath of the nation.

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You see that girl and you have to have her, I know the feeling well. In this article, I’ll show you hot to get a girl to like you – in fact, how to get any girl to like you.


Got A Crush?


I know the feeling. I’ve been there, smitten with “love”, ideas that she is “the one”. I’ll explain shortly why this is not healthy.


But regardless of whether you are looking at one or many women, the techniques are almost all the same.


The problem with going for one girl though is that if you have already known her a long time then you may already be in that “friends” zone. This can be hard to break.


Try the universal techniques below that I mention. Also, it is even more so a good strategy to just “be yourself”. Someone you know this well – you can only show her your true side. Be proud of who you are and don’t hide it.


Widen Your Pool – Better For Your Self Esteem


If you don’t know her too well then the techniques below will work well.


But anyway, why are you so obsessed with one girl?


It is unhealthy for a man to be obsessed with one girl. What I recommend is to do what I’m doing: keep your options open on her but also continue to try and date other girls. If you do this, your attitude and confidence will change and you will actually become more attractive to the original girl! She will sense that you are not a chump but a man!


Some great techniques to use:


Don’ t face her with your body stance, go side-on.

Go in for the kino within 30 seconds of meeting a girl. This shows you are a real man and will put her at comfort.

Be cocky and funny – girls love this. It does help to have some vivid stories memorized in the most concise way, ready to relay to her. Girls love imagination.

A change of scenery will allow you to escalate to the next stage e.g. kissing, taking her home etc.

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The Obsession Formula Checklist

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The Obsession Formula| The Obsession Formula Review| The Obsession Formula System| The Obsession Formula Pdf

Now, how do you give a solution to this age-old problem? Pills and capsules have long dominated the market as an answer on how to get a bigger penis. Many have tried and proved the products effective but many have also failed in this quest, claiming that nothing could ever change the size that they have. Even worse, many men had such nasty side effects that they wished they had not taken the pills altogether.


Because of this obsession on how to get a bigger penis, many people have chosen to properly research the matter in order to find solutions to the problem. Creams and gels have come up as a topical treatment to get bigger. However, they have not been really proven effective and for those that seem to be, they do not show effects for long.


This is how the penis exercise routines were discovered. Men wanted to have a solution that they can rely on, something whose effects could last a long time. These exercises, just like those that you do for muscle-building of your body, are very safe. However, one must still remember that these exercises should not be overdone. Otherwise, injuries could occur, which may even prove to be irreversible.


Now you know how to get a bigger penis the safe and natural way. It is up to you whether to take some action or not. However, if you do, you are sure to experience a big difference when it comes to the performance you have in bed.

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The Obsession Formula| The Obsession Formula Review| The Obsession Formula System| The Obsession Formula Pdf

Yes, that’s right. Letting go is one of my tips on how to get a girlfriend. Really? Yes. Many of us may have that ex-girlfriend or girl we always run into that we can’t get off our minds. You can basically call it an obsession, which we would most likely deny, but it’s the sad truth and it’s not healthy.


For the guys with ex-girlfriends – aren’t they ex-girlfriends for a reason? Sure, there are exceptions to this where a couple breaks up and somehow fall perfectly in love with each other many years later. It happens, but rarely. That’s why they are the exception, as stated in He’s Just Not That Into You. You deserve better than what you had before. Don’t let people say otherwise.


As for the guys with obsessions with random girls – either make a move or move on. Seriously, crushes can turn into infatuations. Infatuations can turn into unhealthy, even creepy, obsessions. How is this one of the many tips on how to get a girlfriend? Because when you constantly think obsess about a girl and talk about her with your friends, you’ll more than likely have a heightened approach anxiety, resulting in either you totally botching the approach, making a fool of yourself, or you just will never approach her at all.


So, guys, rather than waste your time fawning over girls from your past or the girl you always see in class, make moves! Either move on or strike up a conversation with the girl in class. Constantly thinking about these girls keep you in the same position, and you want to go places if you want to win girls over. In order to go places in life, you have to move forward! It’s the first step required to find the girl of your dreams. You can do it.

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Imagine your favorite crops all year long, pest and pesticide free, closer than your local farmers market. Actually, this doesn’t require too much imagination because the technology is already here. Indoor growing cabinets, typically utilizing hydroponic growing methods, will allow you to grow your preferred crop any time of the year. No matter what the weather is like outside, your indoor grow cabinet is always “sunny”. Hydroponic gardening produces maximum yields 5 times faster than traditional soil growing practices. Home growing cabinets take the guesswork out of plant maintenance. You just add water.


The popularity of hydroponic gardening is on the rise. Growing hydroponically is not a new trend but it is no longer a throwback to the gardening practices of the 1960s and 1970s. Hydroponic gardeners grow in carefully controlled environments and can omit the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides, allowing their crops to reach their full, genetic potential safely and effectively. Growing ultra fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers is made simple using hydroponic growing methods and indoor growing cabinets.


Plants that are grown in a hydroponic growing system receive all of the water and air that they need. In this growing method, plant roots are suspended in air and fed the perfect amount of mineral rich nutrient solutions. Indoor grow cabinets also provide the perfect amount of light and ideal spectrums to stimulate the development of your crops and because the systems are enclosed, the warmth of the lighting system will mimic natural sunlight. Your plant will receive everything that they need and more in a space about 1/5 the size of a traditional soil garden while making no significant changes to the land. No erosion and no more inefficient use of valuable soil.

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Everywhere you go at the mall, you see plaid; plaid skirts that look like large belts, plaid shirts, plaid jackets, plaid handbags, plaid sneakers, plaid pants, plaid, plaid, plaid… It gets to be a bit much. You know what they say about too much of a good thing, which seems to be the case for the latest fall fashion.


Not everyone can wear plaid and look their fabulous best. It’s one thing to wear plaid on robes and pajama bottoms, yet a whole new thing to wear it as street fashion, office dressing for success or after five functions.


Body Types and Plaid


Not many women can carry off the large block plaids. If you are close to 6′ tall and quite thin, you may be able to carry it off well. Yet, even that may not bode well because when you are wearing fashion you want your persona to be noticed and the garment to enhance you-not the other way around. Remember the saying, “Are you wearing the dress or is the dress wearing you?”


Dressing in plaid from head to toe can be a bit much, for the same reasons; but, wearing a plaid skirt with a simple top works.  Plaid tops with a simple bottom can work, too. Just be careful of the pattern, making sure it doesn’t overtake your face. Large bosomed ladies are wise to choose a light pattern or a small plaid in order to not look dumpy.

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The skateboards of the future will be hover boards and if they are to fly they will need to be made out of lighter materials. What materials might they be made of? Chances are they will be made of Carbon Nano Tube construction or ultra-light weight composites.


Most plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene are way too heavy and wood simply won’t work. This means the current manufacturing processes that are used to make skateboards will have to be changed along with the materials. This transition may upset the industry and some of the riders and there will be resistance to change.


The resistance will be similar to what we saw with skis or choosing to go down the slopes on a snowboard. Most skiers were reluctant to switch to snowboards because they call themselves purists, but over time many tried the new snowboards and enjoyed them very much and never went back to skis. Will some skateboarders be afraid to fly or worry about the injury risks associated with high-tech hoverboards?


The allure of being able to fly on a skateboard has a tremendous advantage for the manufacturers of hover boards in the future, although they will certainly be seen as disruptors of the industry and current technology.


Over the last five decades the sport of skateboarding has increased and become more exciting each year. However, skateboarding has not seen its greatest leap in technology quite yet and the hover board will change all that.

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67 Steps To Becoming A Millionaire

It is in their nature to give and they do give very generously indeed. The impact of those contributions are huge – think about the subsidies for the food you eat, the public transport and health systems, the advancements in medicine and computer technology to name a few. The irony of it all is – given all these advancements and countless opportunities – why is it that so many of us are struggling to get by?  Why do most of us continue to live mediocre existences and face financial hardships for much of our lives?  Is it possible to get more us to achieve our dreams and become successful?


Certainly there are many obstacles and some of those are not entirely our faults.  Under-developed and third world countries have far more economic problems, resulting in far less opportunities but there is no excuse why more people in developed countries cannot do better.


Not all of us have the inspiration to become millionaires but there is no harm in striving to improve the quality of life for you and your family. I have realised that while the steps and instructions provided by these books are easy to follow, with minimum changes required of our lifestyles, very few of us actually follow the steps. This is probably the most difficult change to make – to take action and be who you need to become, in order to do whatever it takes.  This is probably the ONLY difficult change we need to take.  The only obstacle that stands in our way.  The only thing that will hold us back.


Matt Morris from Success University recently released a talk about his experiences, and providing a 7 step process on how to become a millionaire.  You can read more about his life and find his talk on the internet but his journey was indeed an inspiration. Life is NOT EASY and no one needs to tell you that.  One thing is certain though – nothing will change unless you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices first.


One elderly respected man in our church said to me recently when I complained about life being hard – “son, it is only a matter of doing what you decided to do, one step at a time.” I wish you well in your quest for success and when you get there one day, remember how you got there and how you too can touch the lives of people less fortunate than you, like Matt Morris have done.

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When times are tough, as recently as last year, you might be able to get a loan with bad credit even if your credit score was very low. That’s not true any longer. with more than 7 million people out of work, and more not making enough to make ends meet, credit lenders are being more selective. In addition, overloaded with credit, Americans are finding their credit scores are no longer sufficient to get loans or credit cards.


Even with this economic situation, there are still some bad credit lenders who offer loans for bad credit. You just need to know how to present your credit, how to take steps to repair your credit, and find ways to rebuild your credit if you are turned down. If your scores are above 600, you have a shot at getting a loan for bad credit history, but under 600, it will be more difficult. You’re better off working to bring you score up that continually searching for a bad credit loan.


But if your score is in the low to mid 600s, you can possibly get a loan if you follow some simple steps.


First, make sure your credit report is up to date, and you don have any errors. If your credit report is wrong, then you could have some damaging credit on your report that brings down your score, but isn’t your fault. One example would be a collection account that was in reality an error on a medical bill. Get these items corrected and you can see your credit score increase.


Next, apply for a bad credit loan only after you have been at your current just at least three to six months. Some lenders will look for one year of employment. But if you’re out of work, of just started a new job, you will have a hard time getting approved. hold off a couple moths if you can.

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Man have always been looking for the easy way out, to live life of abundance. In our society we have very fortunate people and not very fortunate people. Researchers did s study on why other people are very successful and why others are not very successful, they spent millions of dollars to find out why and came up with the conclusion that for a person to be rich is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice.


The Secret have inspired lots of people and made them become successfully in their careers, relationships and wealth. with trial and error you will eventually master the law of attraction,unfortunately most of people don’t know what they are missing, something that can accelerate the results.


Is there a way that we can become rich fast?, the answer is yes and no, it all depends on how badly you want to get rich, we always limit ourselves by the way we think. There is a chance that you can win lottery, gen an inheritance, get an idea that will make you rich, invent something etc. the key to success is to have an open mind and always ready to explore a new opportunities when they are available, opportunities are always around us but we are not able to seize them at the right time, or even be away of them. Napoleon hill in his book think and grow rich talks about super-conscious mind that anyone can tap into where all source of knowledge and new ideas can be cultivated.


The Greatest inventors, artists and wealthy people consciously learned how to tap into this infinite intelligence, Albert Einstein would have been considered as a child with learning disability, Walt Disney, Thomas A Edison didn’t graduate in college but he is the greatest modern inventor, Henry ford was not even a very educated person and many more, they knew how to tap into this state of awareness and achieve what they wanted. The only way to connect or tap into this infinite intelligence is through Meditation. There are different types of meditations for specific thing. Quantum jumping is a special guided meditation to help you tap into this infinite intelligence and get what you want faster or almost instantly. with Quantum jumping you will be able to

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